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Fujifilm EF-X500 BLITZ

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Specifications Type Type Hot-shoe mount flash Model number EF-X500 Compatible cameras *1 FUJIFILM X-Pro2 *2, X-T2, X-T1 *2 *Other X series cameras with hot-shoe, FinePix HS20EXR, HS30EXR, and HS50EXR are compatible with some of the function. Flash head Guide number approx. 50 (ISO100·m) / 164 (ISO100·ft) Flash coverage 24mm-105mm *3, Auto Zoom function, Approx. 20mm when using the Wide Panel *3 Bounce 90°up, 10°down, 135°left and 180°right Color temperature Approx. 5600K (at full output) FP (high speed flash sync) mode Supported *4 Exposure control Exposure control system TTL, Manual, Multi-flash (Manual) TTL compensation -5.0EV - +5.0EV at 1/3-step increments *This setting may not be reflected in some shooting conditions. Manual flash power 1/1-1/512 at 1/3-step increments *Flash settings become slightly restricted in the FP mode. Multi-flash power 1/4-1/512 at 1/3-step increments Charge Firing interval (at full power and full charge) Approx. 2.5 seconds (Nickel-hydrogen battery) Number of flashes (at full power and full charge) Approx. 170 times (Nickel-hydrogen battery) Wireless multi-flash system Communication method Optical transmission Operation modes Master (TTL / Manual / Multi-Flash / OFF) Slave (TTL / Manual / Multi-Flash / OFF) Communication channels Ch1 - 4 Slave unit groups Up to 3 groups (A / B / C) Other functions Wireless slave flash Supported (P-MODE /N-MODE) LED video light Supported (built-in) LED AF assist light / catchlight Supported (built-in) Reflector panel Supported (built-in) Diffuser Supported (included) Included items Soft case Mini stand Diffuser Power source Power source Four AA batteries (LR6, or Ni-MH) External power source Battery Pack EF-BP1 (optional) Dimensions and weight Dimensions Approx. 124.0mm (H) x 67.2mm (W) x 107.3mm (D) Weight Approx. 380g (excluding batteries)


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